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Michael Donovan’s images navigate an exploration into consumer culture, advertising and the emotions separating art and fashion photography. What do we expect of these mediums and how do we expect them to make us feel? The glossy texture presupposes a level of glamour which is intentionally omitted, replaced with a dreamlike numbness, or vacant sexuality creating a space for us to question what defines art and fashion photography in contemporary culture.
— HungerTV
Deliberately operating in the contentious boundary between fashion and art photography, Donovan’s work often challenges the notion of images à la sauvette.
— Life is Carbon
He’s not trying to impress anyone, although what he does is impressive.
— Noah Lampert (Synchronicity)
Michael Donovan is changing the game of fashion photography with his raw images and uncompromising candor.
— Ledger
If humanity exists in shades of gray, then Michael Donovan exists in shades of rainbow. Calling him colorful is an adorable understatement.
— FStoppers
The enlightenment community often shows us that rainbows and unicorns may exist. But [Michael Donovan’s] podcast is like finding the “pot of gold” at the end. It’s for the seekers who have the courage to ride their unicorns off into the mysterious world of Truth and higher consciousness.
— Jessica Ann (Humanize Your Brain)
In a world of mass commercialization people tend to lose sight in what their overall vision is. There’s not a lot of people out there with a very specific vision and I feel Michael is one of those people that trusts his gut, trusts his instincts, and has that vision.
— Yoshino (Artist Decoded)