Every artist goes through phases.

I’ve been doing photography for a little over 10 years. Art has been with me through successes and failures. It’s been there with me through relationships, breakups, discoveries, and confusion. I’ve used photography as a tool to communicate my thoughts and feelings about life and the world.

It’s been very hard to communicate my work with people because there is a large range. This is a breakdown of the eras and periods I went through while developing my art.  

I can sense a new shift emerging in my work so I put this together before it happened.


Dear Commercial Clients,

I know most photographers make it easy for you with a portfolio that is 100% consistent. I left a “commercial” section that has a little of my commercial work so you can see the work you probably need to see (it shows that I can execute ideas, stay consistent, and get the shots that sell the products).

Here’s the thing: I wanted you to have access to this entire catalog because I have special skill sets you won’t find elsewhere: I get emotions, I do that cinematic thing I do, I can make images you can’t forget,

My repoirture speaks for itself. I’m not being cocky - I just promise you will see that I have been doing lifestyle, studio,

Most brands hire photographers to blend in. The smart ones stand out. There are many outstanding artists out there who stand out. From what I gather I am one of those.

There are commercial artists that go with the flow, and there are artists who help create discussion.

You’re picky about photographers you hire. I’m picky about clients I work with. To the smart and fun ones who want original work: contact me to talk.

Dear Art Collectors,

I put this together so my work can make more sense to you. I feel it’s important for me to grow as an artist and it’s been hard to show that growth until now.

Some of you have been around since the beginning. Others have just started.

I hope you enjoy this collection. And remember to contact me if there is a print you’d like! (Much of the work from The Early Years has been forever lost when I dropped some external hard drives… so if you have something from that era: either enjoy it or sell it for a shitload!).

This is all just the tip. I will find a way to release some of the B-Sides.

Dear Fellow Artists,

I didn’t take the easy path. I took that romantic “New York starving artist” path. I wouldn't have made it if it weren't for other artists who “get it.”

There were period where I was sleeping on trains in NY because I couldn’t afford rent. I ate soooo much dollar pizza in New York that I gained 50 lbs. I put my friends and family through hell.

Eventually I had some successes. The successes were followed by months without work… which were followed by more successes. I saw others get lucky breaks and had to swallow my pride when I took jobs on craigslist to supplement my income.

I watched as others replicated my style. I sat there as models told me how they saw all of my work on the mood board for the jobs they were working while I sat at home worrying about how I’ll get train fare.

Through the entire experience I had a love/hate relationship with my art career. I spent months considering if I should give up or not. Depression and doubt were familiar faces.

I feel I can tell you about this because, as artists, our lives are pretty fucking weird. We see shit others don’t. We feel things. We spend time getting asked to explain something that is so deep

We also have to balance our lives with art and commerce. Of course some have family money, but many of us don’t have that luxury,

I hope my work serves as an inspiration for younger artists who are starting your journey. I’d suggest you do things different than me. Being a starving artist wasn't easy and probably wasn't;t the smartest move I took. It gets lonely. It’s taxing on your community. It’s not cute.

But I learned what I needed to learn so I could pass it on to others. There is a path forward that’s easier. Hit me up if you want to talk.

Dear Models,

Jesus fuck. THANK YOU! I wouldn’t have accomplished what I have without each of you.

Thanks for working through your emotions during shoots.

Thanks for introducing me to clients.

Thanks for being vulnerable in front of the camera.

Thanks for listening to me go on and on with my ideas.

Thanks for contacting me to collaborate when your agencies ignored my emails.

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you. Thanks for being supportive over the years. Thank you for having my back. Thanks for taking those calls at 2am when I needed to talk.

Thanks for giving me a place to sleep when I had no money left in my bank account. Thanks for spotting me when I was over draft.

Thanks for hearing me rant about the politics between art, fashion, and culture.

Thanks for coming out in the rain to take photos.

You helped me beyond words. Thanks for the long calls. Thanks for letting me work through my shit publicly.

Dear Self

Well man, you did it!

You had this funny vision and you trusted yourself!

I told you that it would work out eventually!

Keep at it and stay You!