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Michael Donovan is a photographer known for operating in the contentious boundary between fashion, editorial, and art photography. Donovan’s work often challenges the notion of images à la sauvette. The photographer deliberately imposes his aesthetic intention on reality whilst drawing inspiration from cultural figures as diverse as Ram Dass, Osho, Tarantino, and Charles Manson.

Combining the beautiful with the bizarre, the controlled with the chaotic, Donovan´s photography attempts to destabilise the highly polished images expected of today´s consumer culture through the use of the psychedelic, androgyny, comedy, eroticism, surrealism, fantasy, Pop Art, cinema, fetishism and historical nuance.

His ability to combine humanity, emotions, story, and character has led him to work with clients including American Eagle, Sony, Interscope, Pierre Hotel and others. Mainstream magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Playboy have published his work as well as a bevy of independent publications such as Leica S Magazine (Germany), Smug (Norway), Vision (China), P Magazine (Mexico) and more.

Walking Home/360 is an unedited conversational podcast hosted by Michael Donovan. The show focuses on exploring the nuances of being human through art, culture, buddhism, and spirituality. His guests come from a range of fields including photographers and models, filmmakers, educators, researchers, explorers and everyday people.

MD works between NY and LA,