The focus for Michael's agency tests is to give models a solid and diverse range of images that combine portrait, editorial, and beauty so they can work locally as well as nationally/internationally. He takes pride in the fact that he fills models portfolios with images that hold up for years.

MD pulls from his work with clients such as American Eagle, Interscope, Sony, etc... and his published work that has been in traditional commercial magazines such Vogue, Playboy, Cosmo as well as international indie mags like Odda, Smug, Galore, and Vandals.



• $500 per model
• 3-4 looks each
• 10-12+ retouched images

• We ask for a $6k minimum (12 models) but prefer to work with 20-25 models. We try to schedule 3-4 models per day. 
• MD loves working with both seasoned models as well as new people who are still learning to work with the camera! 
• We accept Check, cash, Venmo, debit, and credit. 



MD will provide a short promotional/BTS video for the agency featuring the models he shot.



We understand that not every model has the funds. Sometimes the models you're most excited about and trying to push have financial challenges that are impeding their progress. We want people to succeed and are fine offering a free shoot to one model for every 9 paid shoots. 



He tries to keep things simple by not using hair/makeup/styling when possible so the models can sell their own personalities. There's an emphasis on movement, emotion, attitude, and scene work. And the images are built for commercial clients, as well editorial clients so that your models can find work in your local market as well as work and placement in larger markets like NYC, LA, and Europe.



Usually we rent a base downtown near your agency with some character (Airbnb/studio/hotel) and shoot in the space and surrounding neighborhood. The best work comes from location where the models can move freely.



Each model will have different styles based on their target market. The commercial people will get something a little more straight forward with a hint of editorial... the editorial models will get more editorial images with a focus toward luxury clients... the "sexy" models will get images that could land them more swim/lingerie work... and so on. If possible, MD likes to talk with the agency briefly about each of the models prior to shooting so we can have a proper gameplan. Regardless of the genre, everyone gets something cool, memorable, and useful for their books!

MD shoots mostly with digital, but will include some film work.