Creative Direction

Paths are confusing. They're not linear. They have twists, turns, and detours. They're riddled with incredible surprises which give us new ideas.   

I help people with their path when things can seem a little fuzzy or confusing.

I present a holistic approach to helping people mix their art, business, services, products, and the evolving greater marketplace. 

I zoom out and look at the structures and forces surrounding your environment, then find the balance with what is happening within your organization.



Every business starts off with a simple product or servcie. As you achieve success, eventually the hearts and minds of the founders and employees begins to open and expand beyond the core offerings. But how do you combine your interest in the greater good with with your existing product line?

This is where we sit down to identify everything you have now and where you want to go. We evaluate ways to create content marketing that moves beyond your basic offerings, and include more depth that reaches a new audience. 


Your business is great but it's stuck on something. Rather than slap on a new logo or some new photos, we sit down and look at the big picture: you, your industry, your brand, your business, your contemporaries, and we reimagine the system in to something bigger.

From there we extract you from competition and design a blueprint for a new way to achieve success for your business. We organize new revenue streams and build up from the core of your work with an intention of creating long term growth. 


Artists find themselves in a tricky situation. Many are endlessly searching for their voice, and others are endlessly looking at ways to monetize their work that feels right. Some are in a stranger spot: how do you do something that actually means something when your work is superficial?

Together we will go over your portfolio and dig deeper in to the aspects you're hiding from yourself that are blocking you from achieving. We come up with a new strategy for you to bring your spirit to the market without selling out.


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