by Michael Donovan


The debut monograph from the New York photographer and multimedia artist Michael Donovan. A curation of the photographer's more challenging and experimental work to date presented in a large format limited edition clothbound hardback book.  

Deliberately operating in the contentious boundary between fashion and art photography, Donovan´s work often challenges the notion of images à la sauvette. The photographer deliberately imposes his aesthetic intention on reality whilst drawing inspiration from a writers as diverse as Socrates, Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, Osho and Charles Manson; influences much in evidence in the more psychedelic work within the book. Drawing on his graphic design background, Donovan harnesses the potential of graphic manipulation in his portrayal of the human condition; images often heavily edited using techniques both cutting edge and arcane, from experimental montage to graffiti and assemblage. 

Combining the beautiful with the bizarre, the controlled with the chaotic, Donovan´s photography attempts to destabilize the highly polished images expected of today´s consumer culture through the use of the psychedelic, androgyny, comedy, eroticism, surrealism, fantasy, Pop Art, cinema, fetishism and historical nuance.

460 Numbered Copies • 96 Pages, 75 Plates • 24.0 cm x 30.0 cm
Embossed cloth covered hardcover
Offset Printing • Éditions du LIC 2013
ISBN 978-82-999067-8-4

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