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Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan is a photographer and artist known for his visually striking and provocative images. 

MD first raised to prominence by exploring the more emotional aspects of humanity through his raw and bold imagery. 

While his commercial work takes the traditional positive and optimistic tone, he is not shy to balance it by facing our collective dark shadows through his art and editorials. A large part of his personal work are conversations about society’s more taboo subjects and deal with topics such as anger, depression, tribalism, spirituality and sexuality. 

His podcast, Walking Home, is a space for Donovan to converse with others about the strange world where we live. The show title is pulled from the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home.” Discussions follow an optimistic thread as he and his guests detangle some of the more messy aspects of life and culture. 

Michael is based in NYC.


Clients include
American Eagle, Sony, Interscope, Island Records, Epic Records, Pierre Hotel, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Self, Odda, Numero Russia, P Magazine, Wonderland, Playboy, LiveFAST, Monrowe, Galore, Schon!, S Magazine, Smug, Vandals, Visceral, Vision, Wire

Michael Donovan’s images navigate an exploration into consumer culture, advertising and the emotions separating art and fashion photography... Donovan’s work speaks to the current wave of lo-fi, spontaneous camerawork but also makes room for the kind of off-kilter glamour... Donovan plants that aesthetic firmly in the 21st century though with challenging compositions that explore power, sexuality and imperfection.
— HungerTV
Combining the beautiful with the bizarre, the controlled with the chaotic, Donovan´s photography attempts to destabilise the highly polished images expected of today´s consumer culture through the use of the psychedelic, androgyny, comedy, eroticism, surrealism, fantasy, Pop Art, cinema, fetishism and historical nuance.
— Editions du LIC