Michael Donovan is a photographer and artist based in NYC. His emotional and graphic work is frequently used for fashion brands, musicians, and publications.



Michael Donovan / Photographer
Taylor Vranish / In-House Producer
Maddie McAllister / Studio Manager


Michael Donovan’s images navigate an exploration into consumer culture, advertising and the emotions separating art and fashion photography... Donovan’s work speaks to the current wave of lo-fi, spontaneous camerawork but also makes room for the kind of off-kilter glamour... Donovan plants that aesthetic firmly in the 21st century though with challenging compositions that explore power, sexuality and imperfection.
— HungerTV

A few clients:
American Eagle, Givenchy, Sony, Interscope, Pierre Hotel, HAH, Vanessa Mooney

Work has been seen in:
Numero Russia, P Magazine, Wonderland, Harpers Bazaar, Playboy, Odda, Vandals, Wire, Vision, Livefast, Monrowe, Galore, Schön!, Elle

Combining the beautiful with the bizarre, the controlled with the chaotic, Donovan´s photography attempts to destabilise the highly polished images expected of today´s consumer culture through the use of the psychedelic, androgyny, comedy, eroticism, surrealism, fantasy, Pop Art, cinema, fetishism and historical nuance.
— Editions du LIC