Michael Donovan in Ecuador

Michael Donovan in Ecuador


Michael Donovan is a photographer/artist born in Spokane, Washington attending to emerging zeitgeists.

Donovan first picked up the camera in high school and has carried one ever since. Before transitioning to professional art and photography MD worked as an Operations Manager, worked in sales, and did standup comedy for a short period.

Donovan moved to NYC in 2008 to work on his photography and art career. His eclectic style and push to create his own aesthetic caught a lot of attention in the fashion and art scenes.

His photography is a mashup of sex, death, coming of age stories, pop culture, commercialism, counter culture, psychedelia, celebrations of life, emotion, and much more.

He also runs a podcast, “Walking Home,” which explores our weird lives in this beautiful world. Guests of the show includes photographers, models, musicians, buddhist and spiritual teachers, psychedelic researchers, as well as average people trying to find their way in the world.

Eventually MD transitioned to LA in 2018 - the sunsets, weather, and vibes were more his style.


—  Select editorial clients

Cosmo, Elle, Galore, Ginza, Glamour, GQ, Harpers Bazaar, Leica S-Magazine, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Numéro Russia, Odda, P Magazine, Playboy, S Magazine, Smug, Vandals, Vision China, Vogue, Wonderland

—  Select commercial clients

American Eagle, Bulk Recordings, Deltron, Epic Records, Gap, Givenchy, Interscope, Pierre Hotel, Project, Russo, Skin, Solomon, Sony, Universal Music Group