145 Ashley Olah


Ashley is a photographer with a tight style that is fast, wicked, and grabbing. I was introduced to Ashley’s work through our mutual friend, Rachael. Based in LA, Ashley is exploring her early years of photography. We talk about art, photography, business, fear, culture and cats.

Recorded Monday, Feb 18, 2019 in Encino, CA

Ashley’s Instagram: @ashleydarianolah

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144 Kasey Holt

michael donovan kasey holt violin.jpg

I met Kasey while she was playing violin at an ayahuasca ceremony. We ended up talking about cults so I decided to further the conversation on a podcast. Our conversation swims around cults, music, creativity, and ayahuasca.

Recorded Friday, Feb 8, 2019 in Redondo Beach, CA

Kasey’s Instagram: @kaseycarolyn
Kasey on Spotify
Kasey’s site: kaseyholt.com

The gross music of Schoenberg

MD’s Instagram: @TheMichaelDonovan
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143 Daniela Braga

Daniela Braga by Michael Donovan for Vision China

Daniela Braga by Michael Donovan for Vision China

Daniela and I didn’t speak the same language the first couple times we worked together and had to rely 100% on non verbal communication. Years later, today, we finally sit down for the first time speaking the same language to learn more about each other, her life growing up in Brazil, our careers, and our views of the world.

Recorded October 8th, 2018 in Venice California.

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142 Zach Leary

Zach Leary by Michael Donovan / Play Del Ray - 2019

Zach Leary by Michael Donovan / Play Del Ray - 2019

Zach and MD sit at the kitchen table and explore ideas surrounding the culture wars, psychedelics, art, and how to find Peace & Love in this insanely chaotic time. Buckle up! - Recorded January 14th, 2019 in Play Del Ray


Zach's site: zachleary.com
MD on Instagram: @TheMichaelDonovan
Shop for art: studiodonovan.com/shopping/

Ronin Sina Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador: roninsina.com
Karmageddon Trailer: youtu.be/wEn8EiF8pb8
Melody Oficial's Instagram


140 Kelly MacLean

Kelly by Michael Donovan

Kelly by Michael Donovan

I love Kelly and you should too. A comedian, podcast host, writer, and sooo much more. Recorded months ago, we talk about her brothers deaths, her illness, and the baby growing in her belly. (plus random rambling softly me trying to understand the world) - Recorded Aug 18, 2018 in Los Angeles CA

Follow Kelly on Instagram: @thekellymaclean

138 (No Guest!)

Michael Donovan Photographer.jpg

No guest!!! 3 & 8 are my lucky numbers, and I haven't released an episode for a while so I'mthrowing in some words before we restart the 'cast! Love yourself!!!

136 Stephen McManus

Stephen and I converse about Buddhism, Spirituality, Social Media, and the Nuances of the Modern World. - Recorded Aug 2018 in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Todays guest on Instagram: @SuperSpiritual
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133 Jill Schock

Artwork courtesy of    Ian Bertram

Artwork courtesy of Ian Bertram

Jill Schock, LA's Death Doula, returns to the podcast to crack open more about life and death.

We dive in deeper to discuss both the practical and mystical elements of working with dying people. Is there life after death? What are dreams? Are psychics real?

Recorded in Los Angeles


126 Lesa's Story

Lesa's identity of being a mother, sister, wife and daughter have dramatically shifted in the last 8 months: Her father had a physician assisted suicide, her daughter moved cross country to model in NYC, and she separated from her husband. She generously shares her story with us uninterrupted and unedited. - Recorded in the Lower East Side, Manhattan