#118 Driely Carter

Driely and I have been told that we would get along because we are angry. We're angry?! 

Driely is a photographer also fascinated with anarchy and disruption of power. We hang and chat about our mutual experiences with authority as well as her experience on photographing Kanye, Standing Rock, and more.

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#117 Stephanie Losi

Stephanie was a senior Bank Examiner for the Federal Reserve and has promoted security awareness for CERT and others. Today she sits down to talk about what we can and cannot do to protect ourselves and keep our personal information safe. We also geek out about AI for a moment! 

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Here are Stephanie's tips:

"1.) To make sure your computer's firewall is on: On a Mac, open System Preferences, open the Security & Privacy preferences, and click the Firewall tab. Bonus: Click on Firewall Options and check Enable Stealth Mode to make your Mac less discoverable. (It will stop responding to some common network reconnaissance techniques.) On a Windows PC, open Control Panel and then Windows Firewall to see the firewall status. If you want to get fancy and try some alternative firewalls for Windows, there are many options, such as ZoneAlarm Free Firewall or Comodo Firewall. You only really need one firewall, so choose the one you prefer. 

2.) Use a VPN on public Wi-Fi networks, whether or not they require a password for access. A VPN encrypts the traffic you are sending over the network, so anyone snooping on traffic won’t be able to decipher yours. I use Witopia, which has good support and is fairly easy to set up, but there are many options. How to use a VPN: Log on to a public Wi-Fi network. Once you are connected, BEFORE doing anything else or visiting any other sites, log in to your VPN service. Then launch your web browser and you can surf more securely. 

3.) Consider a password manager. You can use one that stores passwords on your computer, for example Keychain Access or KeePass, or one that stores passwords online like LastPass. It’s a personal choice. Pluses: You don’t need to type your passwords each time you want to use them. Copying-and-pasting passwords protects you from key loggers (malicious software programs that capture your keystrokes in an attempt to capture your passwords). Caveats: Use a strong master password, and don’t forget it or you could lose access to your passwords permanently (especially with some password managers that store passwords on your computer). Also, be aware that online password managers can be and have been compromised, so be prepared to change your master password promptly if you receive notification of a compromise. 

4.) You can reduce the amount of data stored about your web searches by logging out of your Google account before searching, as well as frequently clearing your browser cookies/history/cache or using Private Browsing or Incognito Mode. If you want to search the web with no trace, consider using DuckDuckGo, which does not track or store search queries at all. For example, to clear your browser data in Chrome: From the Chrome menu, choose Clear Browsing Data and check off as many boxes as you like. Be aware that this will leave you logged out of websites such as Facebook, and you’ll have to log back in later. 

5.) Don’t plug untrusted USB drives (flash drives) or other untrusted devices into your computer. They can introduce malicious software directly to your system. (We didn't discuss this, but I think it's important to mention here.)

6.) Consider hard drive encryption if losing your laptop would be catastrophic from a data-leak perspective. Caveat: If you forget the password to decrypt your hard drive, you will lose access to your data. Some programs allow you to create sub-drives on your hard drive and then encrypt just those sub-drives. Caveat: Same as for whole-drive encryption: Don’t forget the decryption password or you could permanently lose access to your data! 

7.) If you’re taking your smartphone into a high-risk situation (as defined by you), you can remove as many email accounts and apps as you want from your phone. It’s easy to reinstall them later. 

8.) Think of email as a postcard that you send to someone. Other people along the sending path may be able to read it. One possible solution for privacy is Canada-based Hushmail, which allows end-to-end encryption of email messages. Caveat: Both sender and recipient need to have Hushmail accounts with strong passwords and check the “encrypted” box before sending messages with the service. Be aware that Hushmail can decrypt emails on their end and will do so if they get a request that’s enforceable under local laws, so use it for privacy, not illegal activity.

9.) Rather than sending plain-text texts, you can use end-to-end encryption for messaging. Two possible solutions are the Signal app and Off-the-Record Messaging. Remember to periodically delete local messages from your phone/device; otherwise, losing your device could expose all of your messages.

10.) If you’re on Windows, an antivirus program may be useful, but you certainly don’t need to have 20 antivirus programs running at once. Some options include Windows Defender, AVG and Avast, but there are many others. 

Further Reading: There are lots of guides online to securing your computer. One interesting guide is at https://spideroak.com/infosec and gives you some different perspectives on ways to secure your online accounts."



#116 Anonymous 3: The Sex Worker


Our guest today is hiding a secret. She's a 23 year old emerging artist and tells people she is an archivist for an artist to fund her globetrotting lifestyle. She tells others she is a dominatrix. But she's secretly harboring her life as a sex worker.

Historically sex workers have been mocked, ridiculed, shunned, glamorized, and put in boxes. Often only the most vocal workers and activists are heard and dominate the conversation. We decided to share a brief and uncensored account of one young and quiet escort in New York to tell us what she has gone through.

Her mentor who started her career warned her: "you are going to lose your soul." We hear as she explores her new reality and shares her personal life adventure while relating to her soul.

She opens up to us about her life and the thoughts she hasn't been able to express with many others. She sifts through where she's been, where she's at, and where she may or may not be going as well as the intricate emotions attached to balancing her work and life.

She discusses the pain she feels she deserves, earning money, being wrapped in drugs, festishes, loneliness and so much more. 

Music by Noah Lampert.

#115 Elizaveta Porodina


A psychologist turned photographer, Eliza Porodina now creates beautiful surreal images. Together we explore the balance of love and the critic with art; discover aspects of the meta level of the mind; the artificial intelligence; the human soul; death, schizophrenia; stupid shit photographers say, and more. 

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#114 Sean Dunne & Cass Greener

Sean returns to MDWH along with his girlfriend, Cass. We begin by recognizing the psycho-spiritual war that has consumed our hearts and minds during the political season and beyond. 

Our conversation explores our path forward as a society through the birthing of Generation E: a post consumer all-inclusive generation and movement focused on personal and cultural enlightenment which transcends time, age, ego and place.

We immerse ourselves on tales of our psychedelic experiences and the lessons we've learned along the way. This and more on today's show. 

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Recorded live at the Inter-dimensional House of Pancakes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

#113 Anonymous 2: The It

Our second episode from the anonymous series is a psychological nightmare and lesson on self healing centered around the mind and body.

Today's guest is a photographer in his mid 20's who elects for surgery to improve his vision. The procedure goes awry and he finds himself battling depression and crippling pain for over a year.

The experience leads him to an addiction to klonopin he is forced to overcome. Eventually he seeks healing at an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru but is forced to repeat his trauma when he returns home to New York.

We begin by learning about his journey, then explore how the incident challenges him in an area he least expects it: his sex life and manhood.

The entire process forces him to deal with "The It," an invisible force attacking his humanity by finding cracks in emotional weakness.

Our guest explains how The It manifests itself in your life through physical pain and gives you the task to confront the emotional pain causing you pain. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.53.53 AM.png

#112 Brandon Wisecarver


Brandon dropped out of school in the 5th grade, traveled from San Fran to NYC in a school bus at 22, and decided he'd work in the arts somehow. We sit down to talk about a lot:
• What it means to be progressive in the modern world
• Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Knowledge
• How to achieve success and happiness by keeping your goals simple
• How to keep yourself center balanced by checking out extremes from all sides
• The Mandela Effect
• Science and Art

#111 Anonymous 1: Sexual Revolution

The first episode of 2017 is all about our guests personal awakening through her sexual revolution. Our guest is anonymous today, but she fully shares her heart and mind. She tells her coming of age story in full to you and the other listeners. Enjoy the trip!

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#109 Ian Bertram

Comic Illustrator Ian Bertram joins MDWH! We recorded this show in the belly of the ConArt Colective. Things get as weird as possible today:
• Conspiracy knowledge and what we can do with the theories
• How we can forgive people who have done terrible things
• An eye for an eye, or love everyone
• Embracing your personal weirdness
• Pansexuality ad open boxes
• Running away from problematic situations can be a real solution 

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#108 Lodro Rinzler


Lodro is a buddhist teacher and author who brings buddhism in to the modern world. A year ago he opened MNDFL, an oasis for meditation in the city he co-founded. His new book, Love Hurts comes out this week. Show topics include:

• How heartbreak happens beyond just breakups and romantic issues
• How to work with your heart when it breaks
• How to prepare for heartbreak our daily practice prepares you for the inevitable
• Why MNDFL was created and how you can benefit from coming to a space dedicated to meditation
• Why it's good to try different schools of meditation


#107 Lucie Fink

Lucie is the joyful personality showing the world how to experiment with their lifestyle, 5 days at a time. I meet up with her in her midtown apartment to talk about her work, ideas, and life.

• What these experiments actually are
• How one hacks their lifestyle
• Dealing with negative comments
• Opening up about yourself publicly
• Balancing depth with commercialization
• Creating content for VR
• Would you give up your heart or your mind?

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#106 Michelle Poler


Michelle faced 100 fears in 100 days and survived. She now helps others identify and face their fears while building a community.
• How she did the project of facing fears
• The types of fears you will face
• How to approach fears
• Overcoming personal fears
• Going beyond cultural fears
• How to build a brand and business around helping others
• Overcoming your fears is a good way to help others

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#105 Dennis McKenna

Dennis McKenna.jpeg

The incomparable Dennis McKenna joins MDWH to talk about plant medicine, ayahuasca, drugs, consciousness, community... and aliens. Dennis and I explore some questions, concerns, and ideas including:
• What will happen with psychedelic research following the election results?
• Is ayahuasca at risk of over harvesting and depletion due to the recent trend in ayahuasca exploration?
• What can we learn from plants?
• What is the interesting stuff in science right now?
• How technos and bios are merging
• Elegant design of nature parallel to human culture
• The unspoken connection of UFO/Alien research and psychedelics

Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss
Living Mystery Symposium in Hawaii

#104 Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith.jpg

Ashley Smith and I shot 7 years ago and never worked or talked with each other again due to a stupid misunderstanding. We reunited recently based around a side project she is currently working on and discovered we share a lot more in common. Following her recent Playboy cover and feature, she received some backlash for her looks, so we we sat down with a little too much beer to talk about the complex and complicated world of those of us navigating art and branding around sexiness and sexuality within the commercial/fashion infrastructures. We also talk through Ashley's hustle and drive.

PS: We get a little drunk in the making of this episode and sing for you... you'll love our singing because we love you!

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#103 Jordan Eagles

Jordan makes sculptures with blood. His work has placed him in the center of the worlds of science, spirituality, mortality, and art. Todays episode explores
• how we can overcome social stigmas to promote blood equality
• the process and politics of working with blood
• the spirituality of blood
• how some art transcends borders and creates dialogue
• why artists can separate themselves from their work and see it move
• how blood donations really work and what you can do to improve the system
• what the Department of Health is promoting to decrease HIV by 99%
We also discuss his recent projects including Blood Mirror and Blood Illuminations. 

Jordan's Site
Jordan on Instagram
Blood Equality at Hammer

Marina Abramovic teaches us how to host a Spirit Cooking!

#102 Tim Barber

Tim Barber is a photographer, curator and designer in NYC. Barber worked as the photo editor for Vice Magazine (2003-2005) and founded the online gallery and image archive tinyvices.com (2005-2012), which was released as a free App (2010) and evolved into time-and-space.tv (2013-2016), a curated community platform for artists. Barber co-curated the inaugural New York Photo Festival (2008), curated / edited a series of five monographs published by the Aperture Foundation (2008) and launched the independent publishing house TV Books (2008-2010).

Ideas expressed in this episode:

• Art being able to communicate messages that words can't describe
• Creating, manifesting, capturing, hunting for... "IT"
• The podcast highlighting todays "unsung heroes". These artists have the potential to eventually become "cult classics".
• Our job as an artist is to translate experiences and to share them with the world
• Different levels of dimensions and consciousness
• Virtual reality becoming a part of reality
• Living with love and fear in our lives. Creating a no fear zone
• Becoming Photo Editor for Vice
• Conversations becoming artworks within themselves
• Trying to live within a non-consumerist way of life
• The art world being a vast sea of hits and misses. Being both deep and shallow.
• Our relationship with our own truths and universal truths


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#101 Faye Sakellaridis

Faye is the managing editor of Reality Sandwich, Evolver and Alchemist Kitchen. Today we have conversations about consciousness:
• Relating to psychedelic conversations
• What's happening in the zeitgeist
• The value and beauty of consciousness expansion
• Examining whether we are part of your imagination
• The voice of your thoughts
• The consciousness community threaded throughout cultures
• Virtue signaling in the internet era during weird times
• Wisdom of perception
• What is reality?

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