#51 Paul Browde


Paul Browde is a Psychiatrist, and teaching faculty in the Department of Narrative Medicine, Columbia University. He also is the co-founder of NARATIV, a listening and storytelling company. It's a tightly packed episode and some key points we get in to include:

  • Understanding Narrative therapy

  • Understanding NARATIV

  • Being a spiritual guide

  • Moving away from problems and moving toward finding what works

  • Problem Saturated Story

  • Psychedelics and sacred medicines in therapy

  • Going on a Vision Quest

  • Hunt your Fear

  • Talking to death

  • Living with HIV

  • Connecting soul to soul through trust

  • Loving the environment to help secure a better tomorrow

  • Talking with the creator

  • Defining Leadership is standing and surrendering for love

  • How to listen to each other

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