#56 Annestine Bae


AnneStine B. is a true multidimesional creative being. After leaving Norway for Copenhagen where she competed in the barista world championships, she eventually found herself in NYC. She now finds herself balancing life as a stylist, creative director, foodie, editor and publisher of Brutal Magazine. We catch up in the East Village's 6BC botanical Garden. Discussion includes: 

  • Defining brutal and weird

  • The transitions of emotions when things end

  • Creative collaborations to raise funds to support your work

  • Making it as an artist in NYC

  • The frustrations and potential with the modern commercial art market

  • The art world’s jello cake mix of talent and money

  • Putting value toward work that connects with people

  • Beyond boring corporate mediocrity with authentic hooks

  • Building collectives and networks filled with authentic people for scale

  • Making death exciting

  • The view of life through the eyes of an international barista foodie

  • The beauty of nerds

  • The life and flow of the freelancer in Manhattan

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