#54 Dan the Automator

I first met Dan Nakamura, AKA Dan the Automator, when I shot his album and press kit for his band, Got a Girl," with our mutual friend Mary. Dan has been a hip hop producer who's work has been heard for the past 30 years in a variety of genre's of music. Though his work he has collaborated with the greatest musicians and gathered insight and wisdom about creativity, art and music. Today I sit down with him in the East Village to talk about art. 

Some topics we go over:

  • Adding distraction to remove the pressure 
  • Validation through Commercializations contrasted to Validation through art 
  • Make the art you want to make 
  • Likeminded people find eachother to make awe
  • Doing what makes you happy without compromise 
  • Creating your own world with a do or die attitude 
  • Working with odd, different people, who drum to their own beat that are in the world in spite of the world 
  • Using your humor for difficult subjects
  • The joy of the ups and downs
  • The future of music

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