#57 Josh Wool


It's easy to get caught up with the politics of our industries and local culture when you're working under pressure. As creatives, sometimes we need to have heart to hearts with ourselves and our community to get unstuck and bring our work forward, talking about our personal taboo's that have plagued our minds. Today I sit down with Josh Wool at his place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Josh is a portrait photographer focused on tintype shooting both "regular people" and models. Today we gab about 
  • Looking at life outside the rat race
  • Working with antiquated materials in a digital world
  • Feeding stereotypes and breaking free of uncreative cliche’s
  • Stop lying to your audience and yourself with your image
  • Grow your work through sharing your secrets
  • The need for quality artists with their own voice
  • Connecting with your subjects and cutting out distractions
  • The aesthetics of aging
  • Working beyond fear by working with people who connect
  • Aging
  • Advice for commercial clients working with the connection-centric artists
  • Soul of art

Visit josh on his site: JoshWool.com