#100 The Super Moon


It's the 100th Episode! Is a full moon, a hunters moon, a super moon, AND the moon is in apogee tonight! So, with the alignment of the 100th and the moon, I got the most famous moon person I could get! 
• The truth about aliens
• The real surprise of moon landing
• The specialness we can learn from pterodactyls
• What it is like looking at each every day for life
• How the moon deals with the blues
• What the moon sees and how it reflects you
• How we are sharing the most exciting time with history and the future
• What every human should know about their specialness

Congrats to Day Archer and Tiger Kaufman for winning the first mini prints! Remember to sign up on StudioDonovan.com to be entered in the next full moon drawing! 

To contact the moon: look up and open your heartmind!