#124 Christiane Spangsberg


Christiane is a Danish artist showing her work in small galleries around the world. She recently had her first show in NYC (which sold out!) Together we chat about art, business, and how the world works. - Recorded at Con Artist Collective in Lower East Side Manhattan



#112 Brandon Wisecarver


Brandon dropped out of school in the 5th grade, traveled from San Fran to NYC in a school bus at 22, and decided he'd work in the arts somehow. We sit down to talk about a lot:
• What it means to be progressive in the modern world
• Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Knowledge
• How to achieve success and happiness by keeping your goals simple
• How to keep yourself center balanced by checking out extremes from all sides
• The Mandela Effect
• Science and Art

Recorded in Lower East Side, NY


#109 Ian Bertram


Comic Illustrator Ian Bertram joins MDWH! We recorded this show in the belly of the ConArt Colective. Things get as weird as possible today:
• Conspiracy knowledge and what we can do with the theories
• How we can forgive people who have done terrible things
• An eye for an eye, or love everyone
• Embracing your personal weirdness
• Pansexuality ad open boxes
• Running away from problematic situations can be a real solution 
- Recorded at Con Artist Collective in Lower East Side NY

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#103 Jordan Eagles


Jordan makes sculptures with blood. His work has placed him in the center of the worlds of science, spirituality, mortality, and art. Todays episode explores
• how we can overcome social stigmas to promote blood equality
• the process and politics of working with blood
• the spirituality of blood
• how some art transcends borders and creates dialogue
• why artists can separate themselves from their work and see it move
• how blood donations really work and what you can do to improve the system
• what the Department of Health is promoting to decrease HIV by 99%
We also discuss his recent projects including Blood Mirror and Blood Illuminations. 

Jordan's Site
Jordan on Instagram
Blood Equality at Hammer

Marina Abramovic teaches us how to host a Spirit Cooking!


#93 Ryan Bradley & Jenna Klein


For the 2nd anniversary of the show, my friend Jenna Klein and I swing by Ryan Bradley's home. Ryan recently moved in to his home in Park Slope with his gf Emily. Ryan and Emily quickly discovered suspicious activity in home that cannot be explained and it appears they have a ghost with a small bladder living with them. We discuss his ghost, crystals and crystal skulls, aliens, herbal medicine, taking responsibility for your life, and marketing to the new age.

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#42 Asger Carlsen


Asger is a Danish born artist now living in Chinatown, NYC. We follow his story from beginning where he started as a photographer documenting crime scenes, to becoming a commercial photographer, to where he is now - creating visual and physical sculptures. We discuss art, photography, finding your art, collaboration, work ethic, priorities, technique and more. 



#29 Matthew Silver


Performance Artist, Matthew Silver, is on a mission to open the love portal. One of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, Matthew tells his story about how he came to find his purpose. We discuss Ego, Love, Spirituality, Culture, NYC, Materialism, Fear and the future for Society and Matthew. 



#11: David Kassan


EPISODE 11: David Kassan
David creates life size representational artwork out of his Brooklyn studio. Following his own creative path and doing the work he enjoys most has lead him to a successful career that has allowed him to balance life, family, and art. We discuss selling out, the politics and business of art, teaching, fans and more.