#123 Meghan Collison


Meghan is an icon in the modern fashion world with 7 Vogue Italia covers and countless campaigns (Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and more). We hang at her apartment to talk about career, health, cats, and more. - Recorded in Chinatown, NY


#122 Jennifer Sodini

Jennifer of EvolveAndAscend.com has been a psychic medium since she was a child. We discuss what a psychic is and isn't, living with psychic powers, the importance of imagination, oracle cards, inner work, higher guidance, reclaiming our power, and more. We also explore the fun and the weird: reptilians, artificial intelligence, government conspiracies and similar topics. - Recorded in Brooklyn, NY

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#112 Brandon Wisecarver


Brandon dropped out of school in the 5th grade, traveled from San Fran to NYC in a school bus at 22, and decided he'd work in the arts somehow. We sit down to talk about a lot:
• What it means to be progressive in the modern world
• Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Knowledge
• How to achieve success and happiness by keeping your goals simple
• How to keep yourself center balanced by checking out extremes from all sides
• The Mandela Effect
• Science and Art

Recorded in Lower East Side, NY

#109 Ian Bertram

Comic Illustrator Ian Bertram joins MDWH! We recorded this show in the belly of the ConArt Colective. Things get as weird as possible today:
• Conspiracy knowledge and what we can do with the theories
• How we can forgive people who have done terrible things
• An eye for an eye, or love everyone
• Embracing your personal weirdness
• Pansexuality ad open boxes
• Running away from problematic situations can be a real solution 
- Recorded at Con Artist Collective in Lower East Side NY

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#100 The Super Moon

It's the 100th Episode! Is a full moon, a hunters moon, a super moon, AND the moon is in apogee tonight! So, with the alignment of the 100th and the moon, I got the most famous moon person I could get! 
• The truth about aliens
• The real surprise of moon landing
• The specialness we can learn from pterodactyls
• What it is like looking at each every day for life
• How the moon deals with the blues
• What the moon sees and how it reflects you
• How we are sharing the most exciting time with history and the future
• What every human should know about their specialness

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To contact the moon: look up and open your heartmind!