#119 Ani Easton Baker

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Ani is a former teacher of students with special needs and is now working on a documentary about sex and sex education. Ani and I meet at her home in LA to talk about education, sex, sexuality, religion, manifestation, death, and more! - Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

#49 Edgar Choueiri

Coming from the world of science, Edgar Choueiri is probably one of the most interesting and gifted guests I've had on the show. He is the Director of Princeton's Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Lab, Director of Princeton's Engineering of Physics Program, and Director of the Princeton 3D Audio and Applied Acoustics Lab. The results of his work is being applied in a range of products from space flight to consumer sound. Today Edgar sits down and opens up his mind to share his insight in to 3D audio, Virtual Realty, the Space Program, plasma propulsion, the uselessness of worry or conspiracy theories, creativity, and more. 

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#47 Jessica Gaddy

Jessica coaches teachers at a public middle school in Spokane, WA. To be precise, she is teaching at the school we attended over 20 years ago. A large majority of the students at the school live in poverty, several are homeless, many come from disadvantaged homs however her school is flourishing. Despite the standardization of schools, Jessica and her colleages have found a way to create a community space where the kids are becoming more connected to their environment and each other. Today we discuss the new direction the schools are heading, disciplining students (what hapens when a good kid brings a knife to school), creating a new way to educate communities, and a new model for what schools could be. She definitey inspires anyone who is worried about the education system!

#46 Kathleen Sorbara

My buddy, Kathleen, and I were scheduled to shoot and make some art however we ended up talking instead. At one point we decided that talk should actually do a podcast... so here it is! We talk about generations, comedy, coming of age, disabilities, seeking education, gaining confidence, her experience as a model, and more! This show was recorded on April 7th in Brooklyn.

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