#148 Scott Glatzmaier

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What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.
— Aristotle

I didn’t have a brother growing up but Scott would be the closest I’ve ever had to one. Meeting in the 2nd grade, we have now been friends ever since.

Scott was visiting LA so we felt it would be good to catch up and record a podcast. We talk about family, money, life of being 80's kids, and coming of age.

Recorded May 31, 2019 in Manhattan Beach, CA.


#96 Grandma Alice


Today's guest is my grandma! Grandma Alice is dealing with dementia and recovering from an injury at the hospital. I sit down to talk about life lessons, memories, meaning of life and much more. I cry in this episode. Twice. Don't judge. 


#48 Barry Moses


Cousin Barry returns to the show! A month ago Barry went to the chiropractor to have a routine adjustment. The doctor popped his neck and Barry immediatly felt the room start to spin. A nerve was snapped and he had a stroke, leabing him with the question of whether or not he would walk, or even live. Barry recounts his eperience and we dig in to topics such as the native way of seeing souls, near death experiences, family, living with purpose, and much more. 

Barrys previous episode can be found HERE
His blog is HERE and you can donate to help him recover costs for medical expenses HERE

Also, be sure to check out the MINDPODNETWORK. where you can catch up on more of my podcasts as well as podcasts from some of the most esteemed teachers in the West. 


#14: Barry Moses


EPISODE #14: Barry Moses
My cousin Barry joins the show! Barry is a Spokane Indian and we do the show just after returning from a ceremonial powwow on the reservation. Discussions about language, western & native culture, tradition, community, cultural appropriation, and spirituality.

Barry's Blog: Sulustu

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