#94 Mitch Lewis

Mitch Lewis joins the show to explain astrology beyond the newspapers and magazines. What it is, what it isn't. He goes through my chart and we talk about what will happen to the world in 2020 (Nuclear War or Peace?)

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#85 Mario Jefferson


Meet Mario. He was my driver to a job in LA and we ended up connecting over a conversation on time dialiation and community. I felt it would be great to continue the conversation after the job so I brought him back to carry on through the podcast. Mario explains his No Bad Guy Narrative to us and we discuss cultural appropriation, spirituality, society, and more. Follow Mario on Twitter and Instagram 

#71 Zach Leary

Today's guest is Zach Leary! We briefly discuss life growing up with a father, Tim Leary, who was known for opening an alternative way of living in the world. We dig in deeper to discuss futurism, spirituality, social activism, ethics of living in modern times, consciousness and so much more. We address the elephant in the room: the shit has hit the fan and there is no turning back, and what can we do about it now?

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