#148 Scott Glatzmaier

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I didn’t have a brother growing up but Scott would be the closest I’ve ever had to one. Meeting in the 2nd grade, we have now been friends ever since.

Scott was visiting LA so we felt it would be good to catch up and record a podcast. We talk about family, money, life of being 80's kids, and coming of age.

Recorded May 31, 2019 in Manhattan Beach, CA.

#81 Douglas Rushkoff

(Media Theorist, Author, Luminary) One of the worlds most important minds appears on today's show to talk a little about how human reality has been pre-programmed for 400+ years. We touch on his new book (Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus), the illuminati, economics, family, social media, community and more.
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#34 Jonathan Waiter

Jonathan returns to the podcast for his second episode.  Jonathan is a photographer and artist living in NY and fighting a battle with Lymphoma Cancer that has lasted almost 3 years. Tonight we discuss his current condition, cancer, life, hallucinations, pain, ego, art, creating with purpose, inspiration, and much more. Tonights podcast was recorded live at Mt. Sinai Hospital on January 3rd, 2015.

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#32 Captain Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis worked for the Phildelphia Police department for 23+ years and retired as a captain. After taking some time off from work in a simple life almost off the grid, he was introduced to a political documentary that changed the course for his life. He now stands side by side with protesters with a purpose to effect the system. Because of his decisions, he has been arrested, endured threats to his financial security, and has had death threasts. Tonight he explains how the system is working against us all, and we debate how to fix it.

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