#136 Stephen McManus

Stephen and I converse about Buddhism, Spirituality, Social Media, and the Nuances of the Modern World. - Recorded Aug 2018 in Bushwick, Brooklyn

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#114 Sean Dunne & Cass Greener

Sean returns to MDWH along with his girlfriend, Cass. We begin by recognizing the psycho-spiritual war that has consumed our hearts and minds during the political season and beyond. 

Our conversation explores our path forward as a society through the birthing of Generation E: a post consumer all-inclusive generation and movement focused on personal and cultural enlightenment which transcends time, age, ego and place.

We immerse ourselves on tales of our psychedelic experiences and the lessons we've learned along the way. This and more on today's show. 

Listen to the music from today's show on Spotify. Watch Sean's films on his site and check out his podcast on MindPodNetwork.

Recorded live at the Inter-dimensional House of Pancakes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

#82 Eileen Kelly


(Positive Sex Advocate, Teacher, Blogger) Eileen Kelly (aka KillerAndASweetThang, aka Leezy) is a feminist, and postive-sex blogger who is doing amazing things for internet youth culture and education. Today's show is about sex, culture, social media, feminism, where we are at as a culture and where we are going with online folk culture. 


#72 Noah Lampert

A few months ago I was asked to join Minded Network (MPN). A few months later I was fired from the network. Noah, co founder of MPN, comes on to explain how and why they made that decision. We also dig in to questions of reality in a VR world, spiritual materialism, pop culture, animal vs human consciousness, subconsciousness, and more. 

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