#41 Yasmine & Petteri


Following an ayahuasca ceremony, Yasmine, Petteri and I recap our lessons from beyond and sort out life. We also talk about comedy, the power of laughter, healers, dealing with challenging people, getting unstuck and more. This is the episode where I lighten the fuck up. 


#28: Sigurd Widenfalk


Swedish retoucher, photographer, and emerging fashion film director, Sigurd Widenfalk, comes in to the city to humble me through sharing his heart and mind! Tonight we talk about finding your guru, overcoming fears, the fashion industry, art, advertising, looking for the 360 senses, and finding utopia. 



#19: Jessica Skiles


EPISODE 19: Jessica Skiles
Master retoucher and musician, Jessica Skiles swings by the East Village to chat up. I tried to pin her down on discussions about media and retouching but she wasn't feeling it... so we ended up drinking a bottle of wine and talking about everything else happening in the world right now.. her music projects in USA and Japan, death, terrorism, synesthesia, mental health, atheism, body image, relationships, and much, much, much more!

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#8: Ayahuasca (part 2)


EPISODE 8: Ayahuasca w/ Petteri & Rebecca (Part 2) 
Following Episode 7's preparation for the Ayahuasca ceremony, we join Petteri and Rebecca the day after their ceremony. This is Rebecca's first time whereas it is Petteri's 10th time. We learn that sometimes the buildup doesn't match the outcome, but it's just as exciting in it's own way. Rebecca works out some things she experienced while modeling in Asia and Petteri starts to examine how to run his retouching business. 


#7: Ayahuasca (part 1)


EPISODE8: Ayahuasca w/ Petteri & Rebecca (Part 1) 
Today is Rebecca's first time at an icaros ceremony where she will be drinking the South American plant medicine, ayahuasca. After a short talk with her and Petteri about time in China and Finland, we move on to talk about ayahuasca and the the state of psychedelics, medicine, and mental health in our culture. 

Listen to an Icaros Song
Graham Hancock's banned TED talk on Ayahuasca