#56 Annestine Bae


AnneStine B. is a true multidimesional creative being. After leaving Norway for Copenhagen where she competed in the barista world championships, she eventually found herself in NYC. She now finds herself balancing life as a stylist, creative director, foodie, editor and publisher of Brutal Magazine. We catch up in the East Village's 6BC botanical Garden. Discussion includes: 

  • Defining brutal and weird

  • The transitions of emotions when things end

  • Creative collaborations to raise funds to support your work

  • Making it as an artist in NYC

  • The frustrations and potential with the modern commercial art market

  • The art world’s jello cake mix of talent and money

  • Putting value toward work that connects with people

  • Beyond boring corporate mediocrity with authentic hooks

  • Building collectives and networks filled with authentic people for scale

  • Making death exciting

  • The view of life through the eyes of an international barista foodie

  • The beauty of nerds

  • The life and flow of the freelancer in Manhattan

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#35 Brett Bailey


Bailey is working somewhere near, but beyond, the traditional worlds of fashion and art. Inspired by his grandmother and utilizing the lessons he learned through challenging experiences in his formidable years, Bailey now finds himself using his creations to push hard boundaries in the institutionalized world. Today Bailey visits us from his ranch in LA to discuss the good and the bad in fashion and art, spirituality, creating his alter ego while in jail, his grandmother, and more... all this while we seek inspiration.

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