#55 Ethan Nichtern


Shastri Ethan Nichtern is a senior teacher at Shambhala, founder of the Interdependence Project, and author of several books on Buddhism (One City, and Your Emoticons Won't Save You). One of my favorite contemporary teachers of the dharma. His most recent book, The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of the Buddhist Path, just came out. We sat down at the Shambhala Center in New York to discuss the state of Buddhism within the practical world of today and how we are moving forward. Today's discussion includes:

  • Shambhala, today, explained

  • Cleaning up your act

  • Looking at how we could use our spiritual practice in our lives

  • Spritual Materialism

  • Consciousness is your home

  • Being vulnerable

  • Skillfully working with your mess

  • A short discussion about interdependence

  • Scientific Materialism, Consciousness and Buddhism

  • Religion without blind faith

  • Keeping it real with new voices in Buddhism

  • Self promoting authentically by cultivating your attention

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#54 Dan the Automator


I first met Dan Nakamura, AKA Dan the Automator, when I shot his album and press kit for his band, Got a Girl," with our mutual friend Mary. Dan has been a hip hop producer who's work has been heard for the past 30 years in a variety of genre's of music. Though his work he has collaborated with the greatest musicians and gathered insight and wisdom about creativity, art and music. Today I sit down with him in the East Village to talk about art. 

Some topics we go over:

  • Adding distraction to remove the pressure

  • Validation through Commercializations contrasted to Validation through art

  • Make the art you want to make

  • Likeminded people find eachother to make awe

  • Doing what makes you happy without compromise

  • Creating your own world with a do or die attitude

  • Working with odd, different people, who drum to their own beat that are in the world in spite of the world

  • Using your humor for difficult subjects

  • The joy of the ups and downs

  • The future of music

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#53 Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York)


Through documenting Humans of New York (HONY), Brandon Stranton has created a blog showcasing the people in Gotham and the stories that have shaped their lives. While his work started as a simple photographic essay of colorfully dressed people he found on the street, it eventually morph into an intimate digest of accounts shared by the people he was photographing. Over time Brandon began to extract and broadcast their stories of deeper feelings and instances of transition mixed with candid humor. Eventually these stories shaped an online community of 13+ million followers which continues to share their collective thoughts and emotions regarding the subjects and their matter. 

Today Brandon and I sit down to talk about the world we live in: a place where, once warmed up, people are more comfortable to talk about personal matters with a stranger than they are with their loved ones. Today's show discusses:

  • Creating HONY through good stories

  • The effects of interviewing 10,000 people

  • Working to find the individual story of each person through presence

  • The Key to life is…

  • Keeping it grounded beyond your worldview

  • Is Brandon a Reptilian Overlord?

  • Working beyond definition

  • Being a New Yorker with a larger-than-life project

  • Approaching strangers and cutting through

  • Broadcasting to strangers vs connecting with the people closest to us

  • Changing with friends

  • Sincere connection with each other

  • Manifesting your dreams for control and freedom

  • Living in the work is the reward

  • Let go of monetary concerns to get power in your life

  • The worlds dumbest question

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#51 Paul Browde


Paul Browde is a Psychiatrist, and teaching faculty in the Department of Narrative Medicine, Columbia University. He also is the co-founder of NARATIV, a listening and storytelling company. It's a tightly packed episode and some key points we get in to include:

  • Understanding Narrative therapy

  • Understanding NARATIV

  • Being a spiritual guide

  • Moving away from problems and moving toward finding what works

  • Problem Saturated Story

  • Psychedelics and sacred medicines in therapy

  • Going on a Vision Quest

  • Hunt your Fear

  • Talking to death

  • Living with HIV

  • Connecting soul to soul through trust

  • Loving the environment to help secure a better tomorrow

  • Talking with the creator

  • Defining Leadership is standing and surrendering for love

  • How to listen to each other

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#50 Lindsey Wixson


Lindsey is a model with a sincere drive to get people interested in looking at our role with community and the environment. We talk about purpose, environmentalism, using social media for change, depression, inner talk, community, and more. Coming from a very unique perspective socially, Lindsey presents a fresh take on the concerns of the emerging youth generation regarding the direction we're going as a species, and how she is applying her concerns by actively working on building her environmental goals.
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#49 Edgar Choueiri


Coming from the world of science, Edgar Choueiri is probably one of the most interesting and gifted guests I've had on the show. He is the Director of Princeton's Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Lab, Director of Princeton's Engineering of Physics Program, and Director of the Princeton 3D Audio and Applied Acoustics Lab. The results of his work is being applied in a range of products from space flight to consumer sound. Today Edgar sits down and opens up his mind to share his insight in to 3D audio, Virtual Realty, the Space Program, plasma propulsion, the uselessness of worry or conspiracy theories, creativity, and more. 

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#48 Barry Moses


Cousin Barry returns to the show! A month ago Barry went to the chiropractor to have a routine adjustment. The doctor popped his neck and Barry immediatly felt the room start to spin. A nerve was snapped and he had a stroke, leabing him with the question of whether or not he would walk, or even live. Barry recounts his eperience and we dig in to topics such as the native way of seeing souls, near death experiences, family, living with purpose, and much more. 

Barrys previous episode can be found HERE
His blog is HERE and you can donate to help him recover costs for medical expenses HERE

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#47 Jessica Gaddy


Jessica coaches teachers at a public middle school in Spokane, WA. To be precise, she is teaching at the school we attended over 20 years ago. A large majority of the students at the school live in poverty, several are homeless, many come from disadvantaged homs however her school is flourishing. Despite the standardization of schools, Jessica and her colleages have found a way to create a community space where the kids are becoming more connected to their environment and each other. Today we discuss the new direction the schools are heading, disciplining students (what hapens when a good kid brings a knife to school), creating a new way to educate communities, and a new model for what schools could be. She definitey inspires anyone who is worried about the education system!


#46 Kathleen Sorbara


My buddy, Kathleen, and I were scheduled to shoot and make some art however we ended up talking instead. At one point we decided that talk should actually do a podcast... so here it is! We talk about generations, comedy, coming of age, disabilities, seeking education, gaining confidence, her experience as a model, and more! This show was recorded on April 7th in Brooklyn.

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#45 Matt Baron


Today's guest, Matt Baron, is an extremely talented visual artist. For the last five years, matt has been busting his ass to get his vision out to the world. His strong light play, amazing color, and great storylines build an exciting world which eventually led him to work alongside the worlds greatest fashion photographers. Matt's excessive hard work and eye for directing has brought in clients such as Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Madonna, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, and others. We get in to a conversation of film vs photography, directing, working with brands, aesthetics and more. 

VISIT MATT's SITE: baron-films.com


#44 Kat Goyette


At 25, Kathryn has found herself working as a professional dominatrix in NYC. After moving to NY with a backpack and $700, Kathryn entered the fashion world interning for various stylists. She didn't quite fit in and found her way to make art and inspire artists as an alt-model. Eventually she found herself working in an area that she felt completed her more the most: working as a dominatrix. We get in to the role of an artist's muse, finding light in the shadows, healing, and embracing weirdness. We also dig in to a life of living in the shadows, sexuality, and shit. We find the spirituality, love, and the way some find healing personal issues through BDSM world. 



#43 Noah Lampert


I visit my neighbor and co-founder of the MindPod Network, Noah Lampert, to open my mind, heart and spirit! We briefly touch on walking through walls, orgasmic rain, and douchebags before we spend a significant amount of time on suicide, the singularity, tuning yourself, mythology, perception, synchronicity, mental health and living spiritually aware in this superficial world. And of course NYC sticks her fancy-self in to the conversation... 

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#42 Asger Carlsen


Asger is a Danish born artist now living in Chinatown, NYC. We follow his story from beginning where he started as a photographer documenting crime scenes, to becoming a commercial photographer, to where he is now - creating visual and physical sculptures. We discuss art, photography, finding your art, collaboration, work ethic, priorities, technique and more. 



#41 Yasmine & Petteri


Following an ayahuasca ceremony, Yasmine, Petteri and I recap our lessons from beyond and sort out life. We also talk about comedy, the power of laughter, healers, dealing with challenging people, getting unstuck and more. This is the episode where I lighten the fuck up. 


#40 Raghu Markus & David Silver


David and Raghu have opened my world in so many ways over the years, and I am sure they'll open yours as well! Together they run the Mindrolling Podcast and have started the MindPod network where they host podcasts from the greatest buddhist teachers including Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, and others. Today we dig in to tackle the heaviest issues I've struggled with including death, attachment, environment, love, fashion, consumerism and more. They spend time imparting wisdom about the world and how our generation is similar to theirs, how we should have hope, and how we can let people do what makes them happy. 

Mindrolling & MindPod


#38 Michael Lyons Wier


Michael Lyons Wier runs a 600 square foot gallery in the heart of the Chelsea gallery district where he features conceptual realistic art. One of the most welcoming gallerists in the neighborhood, Michael opens up his home, mind, heart and a bottle of scotch for the show. Here we get his perspective of the world of art: the realities of art for artists, the market, academia, finding new artists, artist hustle, collecting pieces, and rebuilding New York. 

Lyons Wier Gallery


#37 Sean Dunne


Sean is an American documentary filmmaker who has compassionately produced and directed films such as American JuggaloOxyana, and the upcoming Cam Girlz. Winner of TriBeCa's Best New Documentary Director, his work tends to showcase outliers in our culture which are normally ignored, marginalized, or ridiculed. Humbly he features his subjects as humans that are filled with rich stories and profound views on the human experience. The show moves around quite a bit and we talk about people, being outsiders, the singularity, critics, making art and soooo much more! 

Sean's website
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#36 Spiro Antonpoulos


Spiro is a wandering mystic and poet who is putting together Consciousness Hacking events in NYC. Once a test subject for Dr. Strassman's DMT and psilocybin experiments in the 90's, Spiro was living with disdain for the world and eventually had a stroke which left him unable to speak. He had to relearn language and had new understandings of what language is and isn't through the help of his friends, and he saw a particular light that created new value to life. Enjoy today's episode where we explore consciousness, language, connecting and more. 

Twitter @souljerky


#35 Brett Bailey


Bailey is working somewhere near, but beyond, the traditional worlds of fashion and art. Inspired by his grandmother and utilizing the lessons he learned through challenging experiences in his formidable years, Bailey now finds himself using his creations to push hard boundaries in the institutionalized world. Today Bailey visits us from his ranch in LA to discuss the good and the bad in fashion and art, spirituality, creating his alter ego while in jail, his grandmother, and more... all this while we seek inspiration.

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