#33 Dr. Concrescence


Dr. Concrescence is an explorer of spirituality and culture. After studying Zen, sensory deprivation, magick, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Poison Path Medicines, I-Ching, Shamanism and more, he finds himself as a guide. Today we dive in deep! We explore Voodoo, underground cultures, prejudices, environmentalism, how this all relates to today, and more. We also take a moment where I learn how the I-Ching works! 

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#32 Captain Ray Lewis


Ray Lewis worked for the Phildelphia Police department for 23+ years and retired as a captain. After taking some time off from work in a simple life almost off the grid, he was introduced to a political documentary that changed the course for his life. He now stands side by side with protesters with a purpose to effect the system. Because of his decisions, he has been arrested, endured threats to his financial security, and has had death threasts. Tonight he explains how the system is working against us all, and we debate how to fix it.

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#31 Brian Patrick


Brian had an intense life through his teen years in Baltimore. While he was surrounded with a wealthy extended family, he decided to live a life of crime. He spent his youth selling drugs, dropping out of school, stealing motorcycles, breaking in to homes, and watching friends die. Then on Thanksgiving he had a realization that he was walking down a dead-end road and needed to change his direction. Find out what happens to him and where he is headed now.


#30 George Ortega


Author and visionary, George Ortega has a clear message for us:  Free Will is an Illusion.
Every choice you’ve made was not yours and you’re acting out a performance designed before you were born. Every decision you make has been pre-determined. In today's episode of Walking Home, George helps me understand this way of thinking. 

Tonight we examine this concept and try to understand how we create art, how we function as a society, how religion and atheism fits in to this paradigm, how important gratitude is in this scheme and more. George has ideas on how business could save the environment, how we can all take part, and how it is already the plan laid out in front of us. 

George's Site: http://causalconsciousness.com


#29 Matthew Silver


Performance Artist, Matthew Silver, is on a mission to open the love portal. One of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, Matthew tells his story about how he came to find his purpose. We discuss Ego, Love, Spirituality, Culture, NYC, Materialism, Fear and the future for Society and Matthew. 



#28: Sigurd Widenfalk


Swedish retoucher, photographer, and emerging fashion film director, Sigurd Widenfalk, comes in to the city to humble me through sharing his heart and mind! Tonight we talk about finding your guru, overcoming fears, the fashion industry, art, advertising, looking for the 360 senses, and finding utopia. 



#27: Lindsey Hoover


Model, traveller and seeker of magic, Lindsey Hoover, just returned from a trip to Asia and  discusses her culture shock. Family , Williamsburg, social media, finding your energy, discovering what matters, and more!

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#25: Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg in Maui at the Ram Dass retreat

Sharon Salzberg in Maui at the Ram Dass retreat

Buddhist and meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg, takes time out of her busy schedule to come on the show and talk about life, meditation, dealing with difficult jobs, forgiveness, community, letting go, and beginning again. She also provides some tools on how to get through the daily grind.



#24: Kieran Kesner


Kieran Kesner is a photojournalist returning from a trip covering Ukraine and the ebola crisis in Liberia. Kieran graciously gives us his first hand experience if working and shooting Ebola victims in Liberia, connecting with the burial crews and doctors, the social ramifications, war, the photographers nature to disregard personal safety to get the shot, the media and so much more! 



#23: Abdul Kircher


Super talented underground photographer Abdul Kircher stops by shortly after his 18th birthday. Abdul shares his coming of age experiences while shooting between NYC and Berlin, working with the overlooked people in our society including the homeless, elderly, disabled, prostitutes, transvestites, drug dealers, and more. Prepare yourself for a special spirit with a huge heart! 



#21: Kelly Mittendorf


EPISODE 21: Kelly Mittendorf
Model and blogger, Kelly Mittendorf, takes a break between class and work to open her mind and spirit to us! Tonight we talk about "the industry," fashion, modeling, beauty, politics, agencies, traveling, photographers, fear, blogging, coming of age and other things!

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#20: Silya Nymoen


Singer/Songwriter, Silya Nymoen, swings by from Norway to talk up the show. We talk about finding a shrink, having an international artist career, the music industry, creepy people, dating, aging, 1st world problems, and more! 



#19: Jessica Skiles


EPISODE 19: Jessica Skiles
Master retoucher and musician, Jessica Skiles swings by the East Village to chat up. I tried to pin her down on discussions about media and retouching but she wasn't feeling it... so we ended up drinking a bottle of wine and talking about everything else happening in the world right now.. her music projects in USA and Japan, death, terrorism, synesthesia, mental health, atheism, body image, relationships, and much, much, much more!

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#18: Bil Brown


EPISODE 18: Bil Brown
Poet, writer and publisher: Bil Brown. Bil founded Black & Grey Magazine, a quarterly indie magazine dedicated to culture, poetry, and connecting a thread between generations. Here Bil provides us with some sage advice from his experiences as an artist, anarchist and Buddhist, his lessons taught to him from Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman, and so much more. 

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#16: Ben Sinclair


EPISODE 16: Ben Sinclair
Ben Sinclair is an actor, director and writer based in NYC. Along with his wife Katja Blichfeld and friend Russell Gregory, he has created the web series about a weed delivery guy in NY, High Maintenance, which is now funded by Vimeo as they move toward a netflix-style model of original content. Creativity, freelance life, procrastinating, new media, and sooo much more. //Alex Gjerpen jumps in to partially co-host the last half.High MaintenanceBen's Twitter


#15: Eli Sopsish


EPISODE 15: Eli Sopsish
Eli joins the podcast tonight! We talk about Burning Man, the contrasting world of commercialization and underground cultures, homogenization, office life, and setting up an underground party scene in NYC. 

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#14: Barry Moses


EPISODE #14: Barry Moses
My cousin Barry joins the show! Barry is a Spokane Indian and we do the show just after returning from a ceremonial powwow on the reservation. Discussions about language, western & native culture, tradition, community, cultural appropriation, and spirituality.

Barry's Blog: Sulustu

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