#74 Ben Bronfman


Ben Bronfman joins the show! Ben is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, musician and overall good human who has set out to do his part to contribute toward the betterment of the world. Find out why I'll be bringing Ben back for more as we open the can of worms to karma, family, war, peace, religion, environmentalism, creative flow, race, the economy, terrorism, capitalism, and everything else. 

Check out his band's site: deadstudentalumni.com
Learn more about his company, Global Thermostat


#72 Noah Lampert


A few months ago I was asked to join Minded Network (MPN). A few months later I was fired from the network. Noah, co founder of MPN, comes on to explain how and why they made that decision. We also dig in to questions of reality in a VR world, spiritual materialism, pop culture, animal vs human consciousness, subconsciousness, and more. 

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#71 Zach Leary


Today's guest is Zach Leary! We briefly discuss life growing up with a father, Tim Leary, who was known for opening an alternative way of living in the world. We dig in deeper to discuss futurism, spirituality, social activism, ethics of living in modern times, consciousness and so much more. We address the elephant in the room: the shit has hit the fan and there is no turning back, and what can we do about it now?

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#69 Paulina Shafir


An LA native, a student, a model, a photographer and an artist. And now Paulina can add "North Korean Spy" to her resume. Well, not really. Although she did end up visiting North Korea during her latest trip to Asia. Today she shares her experience and her explorative curiosity while in the DPK, as well as her perspectives since being in Asia. 

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#68 Arvind Palep



Arvind directs and produces the most amazing CG commercials and videos with his NY based company, 1st Ave Machine. In addition to this he is working on a book, a movie and helping YouTube stars develop shows. I visit Arvind at his LA home to catch up and talk about the inner and outer worlds. This is a recording of our conversation covering social media, science fiction, politics, hustle, art and more.

Record September 20th, 2015 in Los Angelas, CA

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#67 Allie Smith


Allie Smith is an amazing makeup artist based in LES. We take a break during fashion week to talk about moral flexibility, gender equality, trends in images and being open to real talk. The conversation takes a turn and we spend time investigating Bi-Polarity - Allie opens up while I learn more about the life of someone with bipolar disorder. 

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#66 Petite Meller


Imaginary Friends

Petite Meller is an amazing musician who is bringing her imagination to life in the form of her own little empire. We both found ourselves back in NYC for fashion week and decided to catch up at her midtown hotel to discuss consciousness, philosophy, spirituality, dreams, art, imagination and so much more. NOTE: A small sample of Petite's songs are used as reference including Backpack, Baby Love, and NYC Time. Support the art and buy your copy of her music today. 

Petite Meller Official Site

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#64 Cora Keegan


What's going on?

Cora the Inner Space Explora' returns to the show for her second appearance. In today's episode, we begin to dig in to human sexuality, jealousy, being in the moment, and other aspects of our humanity. 


#63 Danny Goldberg


Rock & Roles

The final interview from NYC! Today I converse with Danny Goldberg. Danny has worked with some of the biggest music acts who have drastically changed culture through their art including Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks, Nirvana, Peaches and others. We discuss the material stuff: art, working with artists, business... as well as a deeper conversation about spirituality and the power of prayer. 

Danny's podcast on MPN


#62 Welcome to LA


I'm in LA! Just a quick summary of my last month in NYC, what's happened since moving, and some musings on taking leaps. A new interview/conversation will be coming out shortly. 


#61 Clayton Dean Smith


Off Track Betty

As development rips through Manhattan, Clayton Dean Smith saw his LES neighborhood begin to gentrify from urban development and started to play with ideas. As an active community member and an artist, he decided to create a short film to address the human aspects of the swift changes. His film, Off Track Betty, is destined to be a historical film that marks the transition marking an end of an era in New York while bringing an artistic expression to the ongoing discussion as we globally move from analog to digital communities. I join in at his home in the Lower East Side to discuss:

 • Whole Foods: your neighborhood scam  
 • Birthing “Off Track Betty”
 • NYC: a cautionary tale for other world cities
 • We are the gentrifiers
 • Adapt with the change or get rolled
 • Witnessing NYC DIY cinema history develop in your hands
 • Ways to advocate while living inches from colossal mistakes
 • The Rat Race vs The Alien Race
 • Chasing Manhattan
 • Enjoying the NYC analog culture that still exists
 • Poor doors for SPURA and connecting the ultra poor and ultra rich in the community

Clayton's Site 


#60 Aimee Debeer


Aliens, Murder, and The Clorox

Aimee skillfully balances the dark and the light together. Contrary to the heavier undertones in her music, she carries a free spirit and vivacious personality. One of my most favorite musicians I’ve ever worked with or met, today Aimee joins the show to play. Today we chat about:

  • Aliens

  • Our anti-social thoughts and capabilities

  • Source for inspiration

  • The creative process

  • Working beyond the genre

  • Experimenting with relationships

  • The NY Experience

  • Change the question for the Muse

  • The constitution of ants

  • The clorox cometh

  • Donald Trump on shrooms

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#59 Caleigh Darragh


Working against the stereotypes and institutionalied solitude, Caleigh started an orgination that would bring together and organize educated, inspired, and active models who are working toward their futures outside of modeling. Today we talk about life, art, and her orgnization, Models with Minds. Some subjects we touch on:

 • Born in a body 
 • "Naked in the World at 16"
 • Rape education
 • The future of men, women, and equality 
 • Models with Minds 
 • No one prepares you for what's not possible 
 • Realizing nothing lasts forever and growing to follow your bliss 
 • Talking about sexy
 • Finding models to feature
 • Kill the mood board 
 • Launching Models w/ Minds
 • Connecting with your community
 • Gettng our highs and lows from art in a post-equal world

Models w/ Minds on Instagram 
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#58 Emily Van Raay


Quite simply, beauty has a purpose beyond the pixels. Modeling’s reputation for drugs, eating disorders, and cattiness has pervaded the social imagination for decades however now, in 2015, we have a group of models working promote inner and outer health. Amongst the catalysts for this model movement is Emily Van Raay. Emily started Models for Wellness and joins me at the park to discuss a range of topics including: 

  • Explaining “Models for Wellness” and the option toward real health

  • Growing up in the changing fashion industry

  • Realize you can create anything you want and you have a choice

  • Inspired by the uninspired

  • Inner and outer beauty

  • “Why me?”

  • Plus Size, Straight Size, and every other size

  • Organizing change from within to be free

  • Regardless of Biology or Media training, inner health is critical

  • Manifesting beauty beyond the pixels

  • Making things right when you’ve participated in something

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#57 Josh Wool


It's easy to get caught up with the politics of our industries and local culture when you're working under pressure. As creatives, sometimes we need to have heart to hearts with ourselves and our community to get unstuck and bring our work forward, talking about our personal taboo's that have plagued our minds. Today I sit down with Josh Wool at his place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Josh is a portrait photographer focused on tintype shooting both "regular people" and models. Today we gab about 
  • Looking at life outside the rat race
  • Working with antiquated materials in a digital world
  • Feeding stereotypes and breaking free of uncreative cliche’s
  • Stop lying to your audience and yourself with your image
  • Grow your work through sharing your secrets
  • The need for quality artists with their own voice
  • Connecting with your subjects and cutting out distractions
  • The aesthetics of aging
  • Working beyond fear by working with people who connect
  • Aging
  • Advice for commercial clients working with the connection-centric artists
  • Soul of art

Visit josh on his site: JoshWool.com


#56 Annestine Bae


AnneStine B. is a true multidimesional creative being. After leaving Norway for Copenhagen where she competed in the barista world championships, she eventually found herself in NYC. She now finds herself balancing life as a stylist, creative director, foodie, editor and publisher of Brutal Magazine. We catch up in the East Village's 6BC botanical Garden. Discussion includes: 

  • Defining brutal and weird

  • The transitions of emotions when things end

  • Creative collaborations to raise funds to support your work

  • Making it as an artist in NYC

  • The frustrations and potential with the modern commercial art market

  • The art world’s jello cake mix of talent and money

  • Putting value toward work that connects with people

  • Beyond boring corporate mediocrity with authentic hooks

  • Building collectives and networks filled with authentic people for scale

  • Making death exciting

  • The view of life through the eyes of an international barista foodie

  • The beauty of nerds

  • The life and flow of the freelancer in Manhattan

Check out brutalmag.com
Follow AnneStine on Instagram 

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