#140 Kelly MacLean

Kelly by Michael Donovan

Kelly by Michael Donovan

I love Kelly and you should too. A comedian, podcast host, writer, and sooo much more. Recorded months ago, we talk about her brothers deaths, her illness, and the baby growing in her belly. (plus random rambling softly me trying to understand the world)

Recorded Aug 18, 2018 in Los Angeles CA

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#138 (No Guest!)

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No guest!!! 3 & 8 are my lucky numbers, and I haven't released an episode for a while so I'mthrowing in some words before we restart the 'cast! Love yourself!!!


#135 Cocoann


A conversation about spirituality, shamanism, and healing.

Recorded in Spokane, WA

Todays guest: elizabethcocoann.com
Her Instagram: http://instagram.com/elizabethcocoann