If you've done tests before, great! It is just a fast day of shooting and we will be getting a range of images for your book. I promise you'll walk away with solid images both you and the agency love!

If you're new: great! You're probably wondering how to do this and unsure of the process. For starters, you'll be guided along the way. This is just a fun day of trying new things with the camera.

Below is everything you can expect.



• Show up on time, it will give us more time to work together!
• There's a possibility that you will show while others are shooting. If you're new to shooting, this is a great time to observe and see what works/doesn't work. 
• This is also always a great place to meet other models from your agency. Feel free to hang as long as you like, just make sure the others get their time. 



• Keep it natural. Really, keep it natural. Clients want to see what you look like so they can use their imagination. 
• No worries if you have a breakout with a few pimples - it happens all the time to the biggest models and it's nothing! 



• If you have style: BRING IT! We want to express that side of you!
• If you don't have style: It's all good! We're selling you, your personality, and your talent so we will work beyond that. 
• Bring simple things: Denim, tops without logos, clothes with patterns, etc..
• Men, bring suits if you have them. Women, bring dresses
• If you're comfortable: Women, bring swim/lingerie. Guys bring shorts/underwear you;'re comfortable with
• It's always great if you have something that can get wet or destroyed. 



If you're a parent of a model doing one of the tests, you probably looked at my site and thought "OMG! The agency wants HIM too shoot my child?! I'm concerned!!" I get it - some of my work is dark, more adult themed, or "weird" to some. I TOTALLY get your concern.

But, rest assured, your child is safe. And everything will be age appropriate! 

My fine art and editorial work is based on heavier themes however this test is NOT artwork. The tests are for commercial work. We just want to make sure your son/daughter gets solid images that look like they've traveled and shot frequently in NYC/Europe and can help them land better paying gigs. 

Obviously you're welcome to attend!



Any questions can be sent direct to me


Clients include
American Eagle, Sony, Interscope, Island Records, Epic Records, Pierre Hotel, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Self, Numero Russia, P Magazine, Wonderland, Playboy, Odda, LiveFAST, Monrowe, Galore, Schon!, Smug, Vandals, Visceral, Vision, Wire