This series represents the intersection between fashion, art, sex, psychology and growth as we are all coming of age in a world that's both digital and analog.
 From my personal work, Hana Jirickova and I spent an afternoon together "finding trouble" in New York, Traveling from uptown to downtown, we created this iconic moment which expressed the freedom we shared that day. Later we would get in to an altercation with paparazzi during a case of mistaken identity. 
 A few momenst from one of my favorite NY designers: Cushnie and Ochs. I love the way they design around women, and express sexiness in such a simple way. 
 A series of images depicting freedom and relativity. Images include porn stars, Stoya and James Deen, as well as scenes from editorials.
 Slowing it down a little. I enjoy finding the calm moments in the middle of chaos. These are a few moments that, while the world was rushing, we were slowing. 
 This is the crash, the fall, the change in perceptions. I feel it's important to express visceral moments that have us think about our roles and connections with ourselves and each other.
 "The breakdown." This is the moment we all have but we fail to see in fashion imagery. The moment we want to kill ourselves, the moment we want to kill each other... the moment we can't take it anymore and the only way forward is to fight our own demons.
 I produced an editorial featured in Vision Magazine (China) that dealt with modern cults. We're all in mini and mass cults that we don;t see. It's what shapes us. We are fed images and ideas, then we create images and ideas for others. We are all masters of our own cults while we play victim at the same time. 
 I'm frequently asked if I shoot men. Yes, I do. It's not my focus but I enjoy playing with the roles and identities men experience. 
 These are both from personal work, shot as I was losing my illusion of what NYC is and isn't. I found myself with a "NY hangover" after years of drinking the kook-aid. The city I love is also the city I loathe. My Love/Hate relationship was finally open.  
 This series is part of a larger connection within my work that expresses the coming-of-age we're having with our psycho-sexual selves, We are who are within the moment, and the rest is just thoughts in the space time continuum. 
 As my disenchantment with NYC began to unfold, I realized I wanted to lave for nature. These are moments that represent that transition from exclusion to inclusion.
 One of the common themes I enjoy playing with is "Coming of age," We've all been there and, if we keep our mind open, we all frequent this space. I often work with models and subjects who are toying with their own personal growth within this area of life. I enjoy giving them the space and room to explore themselves and allow viewers to witness the exploration to remind us that we're all growing through our enthusiasm. 
 When I started playing in LA, I noticed my relationship with the sun and water. It was new and fresh and needed more attention. A human fed a daily diet of sun, nature, and water has everything it needs to grow.
 I wouldn't label myself a feminist however I do feel I'm closely associated with human equality. And, although I promote piece, sometimes there is a level of aggression that needs to be felt and recognized so we can advance as a culture. I've always felt women should be empowered from men and women themselves so that our genders and culture can achieve true growth.